Fevadol 500 mg Benefits, uses and Side effects

Fevadol 500 mg Uses, Benefits and side effects

Fevadol 500 mg is an Generic Medicine of Paracetamol 500mg, it’s known in many different names in different countries, such as Paracip 500mg in India, and Niko 500mg in Nepal. And Napa 500mg (প্যারাসিটামল ৫০০মি.গ্রা.) in Bangladesh. All of Them Contains paracetamol 500mg.

What is the Benefits of Fevadol 500 mg? Paracetamol B.P. used for what?

Paracetamol 500mg or Fevadol 500 mg is a 1st Stage safe Medicine for relief following Indications: Fevadol 500mg have Following Benefits:

  • it’s Relief Headache in 1st stage: keep in Mind if your headache caused by Migraine it’s may not relief your headache. Contact with your doctor to prescribe suitable Migraine relief Medications: such as Sumatriptan ( imigram, Sumarex)
  • Relief Fever: usually Fevadol 500mg or Paracetamol 500mg is Used for Fever Relief in 12 Avobe patients, its can use Every 4 to 6 hours 500 to 1000mg in adults patients if they had high fever, But be careful to take high dose Paracetamol and Consult with your doctor to know your suitable dose as your health condition. And Don’t take Fevadol if you have allergy with this Medication.
  • Reduce cold and flu symptoms: Paracetamol can Reduce your Cold and Flu symptoms in 1st stage if your cold and flu don’t over 3-5 days older. And if you had high fever with cold and flu, you may need your doctor to prescribe antihistamine or antibiotic medicine as your health condition.
  • Temporary Relive Rheumatic Pain or Joints Pain: Fevadol 500mg can be a temporary pain reliever for your Rheumatic Pain and Joints pain.
  • Reduce Sore Throat: if you suffer sore throat newly, which Caused by fever and flu fevadol 500mg can reduce your sore throat effectively with Antiseptic Lozenges Like Strepsils Extra, Septofort and septolete
  • Muscles Pain: Fevadol also help to temporary relive your muscles pain
  • Mild Arthritis Pain: usually, paracetamol is an normal Pain Reliver for all kind of pain, you should keep it in your home all the time to frequently relive any pain.
  • Reduce Teeth Pain: also fevadol 500mg can be used to reduce non-inflammated teeth pain, if you have inflammated tooth pain Contact with your doctor to prescribe suitable medicines for you. It’s may include: antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pain Killers as your health conditions. Source

How to Take Paracetamol or Fevadol 500 mg?

Fevadol 500 mg Benefits, uses and Side effects
Fevadol 500mg
  • Adults and over the 16 years older children’s can be Take fevadol 500mg or 1000mg in every 4 hours to 6 hours as needed, and It’s dependent on your case and health condition, keep in mind, Don’t Over Cross the Maximum dose of Paracetamol in 24 hours as Recommended on the top.
  • Children’s 10 -15 years older, can Take 1 tablet every 4 hours to 6 hours as needed, keep in mimd: you can’t take paracetamol 500mg more than 4 tablets in 24 hours and don’t take it frequently, at least gapes 4 hours between 2 tablets taken,
  • Under 10 years old Children’s: Can’t Take Paracetamol Tablets, they can take fevadol 160mg/5ml Syrups form Paracetamol,
  • Paracetamol can take with meal and without meal, take your Paracetamol tablets with a glass of water to dissolved it past and work faster.

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When you can’t take Paracetamol or you need to Avoid Paracetamol?

if you have allergy with paracetamol or any ingredients of this medicine, don’t take fevadol or any kind of Paracetamol generic medicine. please contact with your doctor and tell him exactly what signs you see after taking the paracetamol or Fevadol 500mg. Also, make sure that you’re not taking over dose of Paracetamol in a Day.

Also, Tell your doctor or pharmacist about your health conditions before taking paracetamol or pain killers: if you have any liver and kidney disease or arthritis disease and you need to take pain killer medicines, they may suggest you the best alternative medicine for pain relief as your health condition friendly,

keep in Mind: Long time use of Fevadol or pain killer medicines can harmful to your Liver.

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What is the side effects of Paracetamol?

side effects of Paracetamol is very lowest possibility to appear to you, but sometimes it’s may appears for some patients, which may include: skin Allergy, skin Rash, Redness, difficulty to breathing, Nausea, yellow skin and eye, suddenly weight loss, Appetite losing and bruising or unexpected bleeding.

How to use Paracetamol with other Medicines

If you’re taking Chronic disease medicine, Cholesterol Lowering Medicine (Cholestyramine) and Vomiting, Nausea or Blood thinning Medications, please tell your Doctor or Pharmacist to Sugget you safest Pain killer, because Regular use of Paracetamol with chronic disease Medications and blood thinning Medication may increase the risk of bleeding. This Risk Includes the Paracetamol included all Medicines.

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