How to get Rid of Dandruff

How to get Rid of Dandruff ? Explore Dandruff causes & symptoms


Overview: Dandruff is a Common condition in the people, around 11% of man and Women had Dandruff in the world, but there’re most people Dosen’t understand Dandruff causes and how to determine Dandruff types for best treatment and how to get Rid of Dandruff Naturally with over the counter Medications and Shampoos. Continue your Reading to Learn What are Causes of Dandruff? How to Identify Dandruff Types? How to Get Rid of Dandruff and More.

What causes dandruff?

Basically The Cause of Dandruff is Hard to Determine specifically, But There’re some factors they may play a Big rule to Developing the dandruff condition in had, bread and eye brow area, Including

  • Oily hair and Oily scalp: When your hair scalps produce excess sebum oils. Your hair will be Oily and scalp attracts to germs. There is a condition called Malassezia, it’s a yeast that disrupts the natural biome of microorganisms present on the scalp, and causing an imbalance, as a Result it cause dandruff.
  • Hormonal Changes: The hormonal changes androgen and estrogen may play a Big rule into male and female for dandruff by Increasing oil production in skin.
  • Gene: if your parents or Avobe Relatives have Dandruff condition, you have Closer chances to Get dandruff from gene by genetical Relation.
  • Irritation: when your skin irritated due to bad hair care products or as any skin disease, your hair follicles become more sensitive and develope flakes as a result you had dry Dandruff.
  • Dryness: if you Live in high Sun Temperature City and Don’t Moisture your hair and scalp as well, it cause Very dryness in your scalp and develop to dandruff.
  • Weather: the unbalanced Weather Like Very Cold and Very hot weather can cause dandruff.
  • Stress: it can Worsen dandruff in some people, but it’s not a direct cause of dandruff, Usually stress make people careless about their self and skincare, so uncaring a long time can lead dandruff.

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How To Identify your Dandruff and Dandruff Types?

Looks, you want To know! How to Identify you had Dandruff or not? And How to know your Dandruff is Oily Dandruff or Dry Dandruff? Continue your Reading to know All of these Answers:

How to Know you had Dandruff?

Most of the people don’t determine he had Dandruff or not, but its very easy to determine at his first stage, if you notice skin flakes in your hair, or see on the clothes and pillows, knowing that you’re having Dandruff,

How to Know Dandruff Types? Is it Oily Dandruff or Dry?

Dandruff becomes In 2 Types, 1. Oily Dandruff 2. Dry Dandruff.

  1. Oily Dandruff: If you see your skin flakes always in your hair follicles, and your scalp is greasy, then know that your dandruff is Oily Dandruff,
  2. dry Dandruff: If you see your skin flakes most of the time become top of hair, and it’s fly in the air if you touch the hair. Or you See it on the clothes and pillows after awake. Then know it your dandruff is dry Dandruff. You need to get rid of dandruff with Best Moisturizer shampoo and others treatments.

Dandruff vs. dry scalp

A dry scalp occurs when the moisture level in the scalp decreases. If your skin Dosen’t produce enough sebum oil, you will lose your scalp moisturisation and develop the dry scalp condition. Also Dry scalp occurs when expose to high temperature sun and unbalanced Weather, or You have used Chemicals, bad hair care products, heating therapy and other disease treatments.

when you have very dry and irrating scalp, you may had Dandruff and you should need your healthcare provider help to determine the cause of dryness in scalp and Dandruff.

How to get Rid of dandruff

How to get Rid of Dandruff
How to get Rid of Dandruff Naturally at Home

Simply You can get Rid of Dandruff Naturally with over the counter Medications and Shampoos, There’re some Shampoo and Medicine Available to treat your Dandruff as well. Which Treatments Include The:

  • Pyrithione zinc Shampoo: These Pyrithione zinc help to reduce bacteria and skin flakes by fighting the yeast, which cause dandruff, pyrithione zinc contained shampoo will help to moisture your scalp and hair with reducing the dandruff condition. These shampoo can be use Twice to three times a week.
  • ketoconazole shampoo: The Ketoconazole contained shampoo such as Nizoral Shampoo, Vavo Shampoo are Good Option to Treat Oily Dandruff and fungal Dandruff, it’s can use Twice a week to Reduce your sebum oils production and Balance the sebum and moisturisation on your hair and scalp. You can Find This shampoo over the counter.
  • Salicylic Acid shampoo: Salicylic Acid contained shampoo A great shampoo for people who want to reduce the sebum oils production by Exfoliating the hair scalp, if you have Oily Dandruff, you can use salicylic Acid contained shampoo three times a week To get Rid of Dandruff very faster. We Recommend some Salicylic Acid contained shampoo which have others Hair gaining Property, such as Ajjaj
  • Selenium Sulfide Shampoo: it’s a antifungal Medicated shampoo used for fungi scalp treatments, if you have fungi with dandruff you can use this shampoo as once a week and Rinse it throughly, it’s may cause skin and hair discolouration if you leave it more than 2 minutes and don’t wash completely.
  • Betamethasone Solution: this is an Fungi and hard dandruff reducing medication, you can find it over the counter. For more information ask the pharmacist and tell your Dandruff condition, he may help you as well.


We’re Give here the Best helpful informations about dandruff causes and Treatments, which help you to know all about of Dandruff, if you Love this Article please spread in Social media with your friends.

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