What is cystic acne? Cystic Acne Causes and Treatments

What is Cystic acne?

Cystic acne is a large type of acne that’s pus filled, wounded, and can be very painful with Leaving the scars, It’s Looks similar to Nodules, so you should take early Treatment by a Dermatologist, don’t try to Treat by yourself at home, it’s can Appears on the face, neck, jawline, and forehead, but sometimes it’s can Appears on chest, back, and Buttocks. People who had cystic acne he can develop to get more severe acnes, so Early Get Rid of Cystic acne by treating with a Dermatologist.

usually, People had Several Types of Acne, Such as Pustules, Whiteheads, Blackheads, Acne mechanica, nodules, Papules, and Cystic acne, if you had a Red, swelling, Painful and Big Pimple under the Skin, accept that it’s an Cystic acne. And Take The Best Treatment of Cystic acne with a Dermatologist Expert. Source 1

Cystic acne causes and Treatments

usually All Types of acne develops when the hair follicles blocked with dead skin cells and sebum Oil. Or increase Excess Sebum oil produces, which can increase the inflammation and infection in acne effected areas, and create a Ideal home for bacterias to thrive, This Bacteria and Sebum oil Build up will cause a Cystic acne on your face, neck, jawline, and forehead,

The Basic Causes of Cystic acne

  1. Sebum Oil and Bacteria Build up on the Skin.
  2. Hormonal changes can Cause Cystic acne. Includes estrogen and progesterone.
  3. Genetical Relation have a higher connection to Getting cystic acne.
  4. Taken too much birth control pills
  5. polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause cystic acne,
  6. stress can play a Big Rules for Cystic acne.
  7. testosterone, lithium, corticosteroids, isoniazid and steroids medications can Cause Cystic acne.
  8. greasy cosmetics, such as greasy Skin cleanser, greasy Lotion and wear fitting clothes.
  9. high level of Colds and Sweating.
  10. Choosing Wrong products for skincare.

There’re some unusual myths about pimples and Cystic acne, Which aren’t true and scientifically proven that, these aren’t cause Pimples and Cystic acne,

Q1: is Chocolate and Nuts Cause Pimples and Cystic acnes?

ans1: No, scientifically proven that Chocolate and Nuts don’t cause acne.

Q2: Sex performance or masturbation can Cause Acne?

Ans2: answer is Sex with Wife or masturbation Dosen’t cause Acne and Pimples.

Q3: is poor hygiene or inadequate face washing cause Pimples?

Ans3: Usually Poor hygiene and Indequate face washing can’t cause pimples and Cystic acnes, but if you have dirt on your face and Dosen’t wash Rapidly it can Increase bacteria, which leads pimples and acnes.

what is The Best Treatments of Cystic acne?

What is cystic acne? Cystic Acne Causes and Treatments
Best Treatments for Cystic acnes

Cystic acne is a Difficult types of acne, which are very hard to get rid at home, because over the Counter (OTC) Medications also Poor to treat Cystic acne, so You Should consult with a Dermatologist (Skincare Specialist -estheticians) he may prescribe you The Best Treatments for Cystic acne. He may give you This medications as Similar to our Dermatologist Recommendations.

  • The Oral Antibiotics Medicines: Dermatologist give you the best oral Antibiotic Medicine to decrease the redness and swelling of skin caused by Cystic acnes Bacteria.
  • External use Medicine: He may give you the Some External using medication to apply on your skin, which helps to decrease bacteria and clogged pores on skin.
  • Isotretinoin: (acnetrex, xeractan, Roaccutane, Resoten, claravis and other generic brands) this is a Powerful Retinoids, which Have several effects, it’s Kill all bad bacteria, reduce skin Inflammations, unclog pores and Remove excess sebum oils with leave your skin very Dry and Clear up your skin very well. However, this medication have some side effects including: miscarriage and serious birth defects, so be aware to Taken this medicine by your self, everyone who want to take this medicine, he must participate in a special monitoring program. And Keep in mind, isotretinoin isn’t a Best option for everyone, it’s need to determine the skin condition with Dermatologist. Source 2

What’s the difference between a cyst acne vs. a pimple?

The term pimple is often used to describe pustules. A pustule is a small, red, tender spot on the skin with pus at the tip. Although cysts contain pus, they are located deep in the skin and tend to be painful.

What you should do if you had Cystic acne?

are you scarring about the Pimples and Cystic acnes, which are appeared on your skin? And Want to know How to shrink a Cystic Pimple? Then Below Tips are dedicated for you. If you want to get Rid of pimples and any types of acne with cystic acnes, you should Avoid Below Listed things.

  • Don’t try to Remove Pimples or Acne on your own,
  • Don’t Pick or squeeze your blemishes, it’s can make them worse,
  • Wash your face twice a day, Do not wash too often,
  • Don’t use abrasive soaps, cleansing granules and Exfoliating agents to clean your skin.
  • Don’t Scrub your face harshly.
  • Avoid Wear heavy Makeups, when you need to wear Makeups, you should be choose the water based, non-comedogenic formulations, and oily formulations Makeups,
  • Don’t Leave your Makeup for Long time and don’t sleep with makeup,

Keep in Mind, cystic acne can Be cure and successfully treated by Dermatologist, and the treatment and clear up of acne can be successfully work for one person’s, and not work for you as well, so work with your Dermatologist together, and after the fail trial, you and your Dermatologist may create a plan to get successful treatment and clear up skin.

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